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My computer got hacked. It looks like I pulled the plug early enough that they didn't manage to steal my identity, but they have completely wrecked my desktop.

I just feel so stupid, you know. I genuinely know better than to do what I did and if I had seen someone else doing it I probably would have done a full on hero leap across the room to stop them. But the warning bells didn't start ringing before they were already in my computer and then it was too late.

So as a public service announcement; Microsoft will never call you unsolicited. If someone calls up and says they are from a technical support company and you have not called up first, then they are scamming you.

Keep a particular eye out for AMMYY. Bastards destroyed my computer.


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Oh no, honey :(. That is awful. I don't understand why people have to do such shitty things.

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