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The landlady did a surprise drop by this morning! I think she was actually there to meet someone from the environment agency for the ground floor flat, as there was a flood in there and in the basement flat. But she decided to talk to all the tenants as long as she had the handyman there to see if there was anything else that needed doing. And we had a nice long chat, and there was much repetition about how I never complained or gave any trouble and was very patient, and long story short - I'm getting a new cooker, two new wall heaters, and hopefully the shower will be fixed, although that last one might take a while. It's been an issue since before Christmas, after all.

After they left I could hear her speaking to my downstairs neighbour, who hassles them on occasion. Then I met the neighbour later and just had a quick chat as we passed. She does not get express service.

I guess politeness really does pay off!

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Ha that is amazing! I was just about to say, I've never really heard of a landlord/-lord doing extra things for a tenant! I think you're officially the favorite now!

I wouldn't say that they are extras as there is something wrong with all of them, but I would not dispute the favouritism :P

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