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Ninpo 8th Kyu Grading
I had my second grading today. You get a score for these things so you can compare yourself to your last score, and I forgot to make a note when I did my 10th/9th Kyu, so I'm just going to write it down now, so I don't forget next time: 94%; need to work on confidence.

Seriously, "needs to work on her confidence" is probably going to be written on my tombstone at this point.

I know what happened. I've been learning these patterns for at least 9 months now, so the moves were all in my head. But we got some complicated instructions (to me they sounded complicated, anyway) about finding a partner to test with, who was not doing your grade or actively grading at the same time in another room. I didn't actually need to worry about it, but the anxiety chemicals were flowing by that point, so I went into the test panicked, and I started over-thinking everything. I'll probably have more time before the end of lunch and the start of the grading next time, but I think that what would be best for me to do is just to sit and meditate for five minutes or so before the test, so that I'm calmer.

Still, it could have been worse. In the 10th/9th Kyu (beginner) grading, someone cartwheeled the wrong way, collided with someone else and possibly broke her arm. I hope this doesn't put her off coming back. She seemed really nice when we were discussing before the seminar started whether she would choose the green belt (traditional men's colour) or the red belt (traditional women's colour).

A bunch of other stuff went on today, like sword training, knife defence and a quick massage course. But I am pretty wiped so, I'm just going to grab my kindle and read for a bit!

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Sorry to hear you were feeling anxious but 94% sounds pretty awesome to me! :D Well done you!

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